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Social Ecologies Catalog, Rail Curatorial Projects
Social Ecologies, Critics Page guest editorial, The Brooklyn Rail
On Human Equality and the Nonhuman, The Brooklyn Rail
"Landscape: the virtual, the actual, the possible" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Modern Painters

Both Visible and Invisible, Object and Interface: Site Proposition and completion in painting, sculpture and performance, The Brooklyn Rail
Everyday Painting, Fantastic Worlds, essay, Hoffberger '14 MICA MFA exhibition
Rob Fischer at Derek Eller, Modern Painters
New Jersey as Nonsite at Princeton Art Museum, Modern Painters

Reinhardt and Artist Writers, Ad Reinhardt Centennial The Brooklyn Rail Special Issue, ed. Barbara Rose and Alex Bacon
Jason Rhoades at the ICA Philadelphia, Modern Painters

Timothy Morton in Conversation with Greg Lindquist, The Brooklyn Rail
Franklin Evans in Conversation with Greg Lindquist, The Brooklyn Rail
Descending into the Abyss of Double Negative, The Brooklyn Rail
Network of Relative Objects: Transgression and Painting, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Cary Levine
David Joselit in Conversation with Greg Lindquist, The Brooklyn Rail
LaToya Ruby Frazier in Conversation with Charles Schultz and Greg Lindquist, The Brooklyn Rail
A Life of Objects: Interview with Mary Mattingly, artinamerica.com
Before and After the Flood: Two Shows by Jackie Gendel at Jeff Bailey Gallery, artcritical.com
Haunted: LaToya Ruby Frazier at The Brooklyn Museum, artinamerica.com
Ai Weiwei: According to What? Conversation with Mary Mattingly, The Brooklyn Rail
Alternative Living Spaces the Subvert New York..., The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Martha Schwendener
Extending Painting Outwards and Inwards, Flock House, ed. Mary Mattingly, Boston University Press
Paul Oxborough at Ettinger, ARTnews
Dina Gustin Baker at Walter Wickiser, ARTnews

Natalie Frank's Mad Bodies, artinamerica.com
Is Newness Still New?, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Elizabeth Baker
Voyager into the Unknown, Ali Banisadr: We Haven't Landed on Earth Yet, Galerie Thaddeus Ropac
Dan Flavin, Dan Flavin’s Altering Light, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Ken Johnson
Alejandra Prieto at Y Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Dore Ashton
A Letter to Robert Smithson, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Raphael Rubenstein
Tadaaki Kuwayama at Gary Snyder, ARTnews
Ed Cohen at Winston Wachter Fine Art, ARTnews
Unlikely Friends: James Brooks and Dan Flavin, The Brooklyn Rail, ed. Vincent Katz
Micah Ganske at RH, ARTnews
Anne-Karin Furenes at Barry Friedman Ltd. ARTnews

Still Life with Stampede: Perfect Title for a Work at NADA, artcritical.com
Loren Munk at Lesley Heller, artcritical.com
Joan Mitchell at Cheim and Read, The Brooklyn Rail
Erik Benson at Edward Tyler Nahem, ARTnews
Harald Smitz-Schmelzerat David DeBuck Gallery, ARTnews
Graham Nixon at Knoedler and Company, ARTnews
Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner, The Brooklyn Rail
A Lengthening Shadow of Art History, M/E/A/N/I/N/G, ed. Mira Schor and Susan Bee
Will Barnet at the National Academy, ARTnews
Kim Cogan at Gallery Henoch, ARTnews
Sol LeWitt at Barbara Mathes, ARTnews
John Evans at Gallery Hennoch, ARTnews
CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed review, The Brooklyn Rail
Philip Guston: Collected Writings, Lectures and Conversations, The Brooklyn Rail
Antoine Guerrero: The Herculean Courtier of PS 1, The Brooklyn Rail
Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner, ARTnews
Larry Poons at Danese and Lori Bookstein, ARTnews
Fisher Landau Collection at The Whitney Museum ARTnews
Cameron Martin in Conversation with Greg Lindquist, The Brooklyn Rail
Alfred Leslie and John Chamberlain at Allan Stone, ARTnews
Frank Owen at Nancy Hoffman, ARTnews,
24 Hours at the Wintering Spiral Jetty, The Brooklyn Rail
Sven Lukin at Gary Snyder, ARTnews
Elizabeth Winton, CUE Foundation, Young Art Critics Program, Mentor: Nancy Princenthal

Gedi Sibony at Greene-Naftali, The Brooklyn Rail
Breaking Through: Richard Bellamy and the Green Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail
Ati Maier at Pierogi, artcritical.com
Edward Byrtynsky at Hasted Hunt Krauetler, artcritical.com
Yves Klein at the Hirshhorn, The Brooklyn Rail
Work of Art, artcritical.com
Rebecca Smith at the New York Studio School, The Brooklyn Rail
Heather Rowe at D’Amelio Terras, artcritical.com
Milton Avery at Knoedler and Company, artcritical.com
Tribute to Victor Pesce, artcritical.com
Luc Tuymans at San Francisco Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Rail
Nick Cave Interview, Beautiful/Decay. Book 4: Exquisite Corpse
Stuart Shils at Colman Bancroft, The Brooklyn Rail
Robert Grosvenor at Paula Cooper, The Brooklyn Rail
Geometric Daydreams, Victor Pesce, Elizabeth Harris Gallery

Serban Savu, artcritical.com
Pierre Bonnard and Peter Doig, The Brooklyn Rail
Rebecca Smith, Mildred Beltre, and Rana Khoury at Five Myles, The Brooklyn Rail
Moritz Schleime, Beautiful/Decay
Maya Lin at Pace Wildenstein and Storm King Art Center, The Brooklyn Rail
Andrew Moore at Yancey Richardson Gallery, artcritical.com
Notes from a former Studio Assistant, Ryan McGinness Works, Rizzoli International

Greg Lindquist in conversation with Will Cotton, artcritical.com
Rackstraw Downes at Betty Cuningham Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail
Lisa Robinson at Klompching Gallery, artcritical.com
Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner Gallery, artcritical.com
Lois Dodd at Alexandre Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail
Frank Selby at Museum 52, artcritical.com
Catherine Murphy at Knoedler & Company, The Brooklyn Rail
Dispatches: Notes from North Carolina, artcritical.com
Giorgio Morandi, The Brooklyn Rail
Corrine Wasmuht, Beautiful/Decay
Steve DeFrank, Beautiful/Decay
Ali Banisadr, The Brooklyn Rail
Serban Savu, artcritical.com
The Intuitive Histories of Susan Toplikar's Horse Paintings, Meredith College

Benjamin Edwards at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, artcritical.com
Eric Holzman at the New York Studio School, The Brooklyn Rail
Anthony Goicolea at Postmasters Gallery, artcritical.com
Anna Hostvedt at Tibor de Nagy Gallery, artcritical.com
Ryan McGinness at Pace Prints Chelsea, artcritical.com
Edward Burtynsky at Charles Cowles Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail

Fairfield Porter at Betty Cunningham Gallery, artcritical.com
Lucy Williams at David McKee Gallery, artcritical.com
Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Geoff + Rosenthall Gallery, artcritical.com
Echo Eggebrecht at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, artcritical.com

Master of Art History Thesis: Contemporary American Landscape Painting: Nature is Now Culture